The Importance of Visualization

The owner of a popular carpet cleaning company found themselves in a position like many other business owners around the world. The owner was not meeting his goals for growth. His company had great reviews on popular review sites for his services and from former employees. He used popular self-service financial tools to monitor the health of his company like most business owners. He was stuck with no help. One day, he found an article about how using analytics and visualization was now an industry standard in order to compete in today’s marketplace. This owner saw many self-service tools like the one he uses for his finances, but this owner did his homework. He learned that in order to really benefit from visualizing his data, he would have to play with the data for hours at a time and basically become a spreadsheet expert for gaining insight on his most basic business processes. He had a business to run and couldn’t afford to spend hours every day in a spreadsheet. Hiring an analytics consultant or a full-time entry-level business analyst was way too expensive. He was once again stuck until he found Cholla Automation to handle and automate his analytics needs. We set the owner up with the latest analytics tools and trained him on how to use it for free. With our dashboards and problem-solving support, we identified the root cause of his stagnation problems. It turns out that he was getting more customers to his site except, they were looking him up on a mobile device. Unfortunately, his site was not optimized for mobile devices even though 80% of his new customers were using their phones to search for him! He was able to make the changes to his site and now has grown to bring his great carpet cleaning service to even more customers.

Analytics is the combination of using advanced statistics and technology on the massive amounts of data all around us. This data is turned into insights and information in order to make better data-driven decisions. By making unbiased, data-driven decisions, we can reach our goals and grow.

Visualization is turning the insights provided by analytics into a visual representation. In other words, it turns the insights into a graphical format that’s easy to read and understand. Unfortunately, turning data into insights require a good time-commitment and good knowledge of spreadsheets and/or general purpose programming language. Some self-service tools offer a “type a question” feature and a chart instantly pops up. The problem with this feature is that it requires your information source to be formatted in such a way that it can use the keywords that you type in. Otherwise, it will send you the wrong insights!

Visualization is needed in all industries. For example, any business owner can benefit from seeing a graph of their costs over time. The differences come from the things that make up those costs for each industry. The owner of a carpet cleaning business will have a few similar metrics to monitor as the owner of a childcare center. The rest of the metrics will be unique to that industry. It’s important to monitor each of these metrics in a dashboard to understand the health of your business. These analytic dashboards are the same as the dashboards in a car. If you are only looking at the speedometer, how do you know how the rest of the car is doing? A good dashboard should be able to monitor any aspect of your business in real time just like the dashboard in your car right?  

At Cholla Automation, we offer our customers the best analytic tools and training for them for free. We handle the tedious data cleaning and transformation so you can focus on running your business. We will work together to customize your personal dashboard so you can monitor ANY aspect of your business in near real-time and from any device. No data limits, contracts, or surprises. If you see a problem with one of your processes and you don’t know how to fix it, not a problem! You can schedule a meeting with your dedicated data expert to solve your problems at no extra costs.
We are so confident with our services that we will let you try it for free for one month. If you’re not happy with our services (which is impossible!) by the end of the month, we will turn everything over and you will have a free self-service tool. For more information, visit our site at or send us an email at

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