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ETH-USDBuy1926.621888.091949.742021-06-22 20:00:21
BTC-USDBuy32540.931890.132931.42021-06-22 12:00:19
MATIC-USDBuy1.12141.0991.13492021-06-22 20:00:21
VET-USDBuy0.07530.07380.07622021-06-22 20:00:22
WAVES-USDBuy12.717612.463212.87022021-06-22 20:00:23
SOL1-USDBuy25.632625.119925.94022021-06-22 11:00:19
ADA-USDBuy1.18311.15941.19732021-06-22 20:00:23
DOGE-USDBuy0.19050.18670.19282021-06-22 18:00:22
ONE2-USDBuy0.05460.05350.05532021-06-22 20:00:22
ALGO-USDBuy0.75790.74270.7672021-06-22 20:00:22

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